Monday, October 16, 2006

The Blog Basics

There really isn't too much scientific integrity around where the Pharmaceutical Industry is concerned, therefore this is a limited blog in many ways. What little integrity there is you are unlikely to find in Medical Journals, data on drugs, drug manufacturer's websites or even the Food & Drug Administration or the equivalent drug regulatory bodies in other countries.

Where you ARE likely to find integrity is where the so called 'Whistleblowers' can be found. Look after these few rare scientists, doctors, professors and the journalists well, they have risked their own safety, often their positions, their credibility, those they believed were friends, and they have done this because they believe in scientific integrity and what is best for the patient, not what is in it for them. They have done it for YOU and ME, at a huge cost, both personal and professional, to themselves.

What this site aims to do is simply link to the sites of 'Whistleblowers', journalists and sites that search more deeply into the issues so that you can explore their contents and discover from them how scientific fraud is enabled, enacted and finally approved as legitimate science.

By doing so you will equip yourself with the tools YOU need to protect yourself.

Your awareness in turn will help THEM to fight for:

* The science of medicine to become safer
* Academics authoring ghostwritten articles that distort
data to be exposed
* Academics to be free to question or criticize data
without victimization
* Regulators to become accountable
* Legislation to become effective
* The drug industry to be brought back under control

If you wish to submit a 'whistleblower' or journalist to be included in the links, please leave a comment giving the relevant name and url.